People often ask me for tips on "How to lose weight at home", because I was so successful doing it! But in reality, what they are really asking me about is "How can I exercise at home, to avoid the many hassles of joining a health club?". Remember too, that burning off your extra bodyfat (that you so much want to be rid of), takes more than just exercising. It also depends on your maintaining a healthy, weight loss eating plan.

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However, I agree - you don't want to endure the extra time involved with working out at a fitness facility. Plus, you will not enjoy the embarrassment of working out in an overcrowded open area, where everyone can see how clumsy and overweight you are. (Ouch!)

Therefore, the tips I give you here will concentrate on the exercise portion of your fat loss plan. Better yet, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home!

#1: Do "Cardio"

The best exercise for directly reducing your bodyfat level, is called "cardio" exercise (also know as "aerobic" exercise). When you are doing cardio-type exercises, your objective is basically to burn as many calories as possible, in as little time as possible. Without killing yourself, that is!

A great way for you to do that, is to exercise frequently. 3 days a week, would be the absolute minimum. Better yet, would be 6 days per week (giving yourself the typical "Sunday off", for instance).

Also try to keep each exercise session at least 20 minutes in length. Better yet, up to an hour in duration. During this time, you want to keep your heart rate elevated, but not to the point where you become completely breathless - or even faint! There is no need to overdue it, if you exercise frequently and for at least, the minimum 20-minute duration.

#2: Create your own exercise "class"

The exercise market is overflowing with pre-taped exercise programs. Simply choose your favorite workout DVD and presto! Your own home-based exercise "class".

If you're not sure what kind of exercise program you would prefer, than simply pick a few DVDs for short-term rental. Try them out at home. Look for ones that you really like, because the more you like it, the more likely you'll stick with it!

#3: Turn household "chores" into exercise opportunities!

This is an easy way to squeeze home exercises into your "normal" routine. As you do your chore, look for ways to increase the cardio benefits. You can do this by either increasing the speed, increasing the weight, or decreasing the number and duration of rest breaks you would normally take. This will increase the calorie-burn of the chore activity.

Examples of these kind of exercise opportunities would be: gardening (or other yard work), clearing snow (or other cleaning of your property), sweeping, vacuuming, polishing, dusting, etc.

#4: Bodyweight exercises

Most people think you need a lot of expensive equipment, to create an effective exercise program. Nonsense! Your own bodyweight can almost always provide sufficient "resistance", to create effective exercises for weight loss.

Examples of bodyweight exercises: lunges (better for women), squats (better for men), push ups (good for both), crunches (much better than sit ups!)... even simply running up and down stairs.

If you want more than that, you can easily purchase inexpensive add-ons to expand your range of exercises. Skipping rope for instance, provides you with a huge calorie burn!

The secret of how to lose weight at home is to design an effective home workout plan, that fits into your normal home routine while avoiding the need for unnecessary and expensive equipment. To read more on smart ways to lose weight, simply visit: Jenny Craig Foods